Jayson Stark Trivia Question: 2 active players with 2,000+ games at the same position (September 10, 2014)

Sorry if you didn’t get the memo, but Jayson Stark’s weekly baseball trivia question on Mike and Mike has been moved to Wednesday indefinitely.

So without further ado:



One answer is definitely this guy. I’m pretty sure this is the other guy. Lots of guys with 2,000+ at “outfield” but I think we’re looking for the specific position here.

5 (more) Bar Trivia Questions for Shark Week

Shark Week 2014 kicked off last night. So if you’re in the bar trivia biz like me, you’ve a got an easy decision to make on this week’s theme.

I already have a pretty sizable database of shark-themed trivia questions from the past few years but I wanted to push myself to come up with at least 5 new ones.

Since I’m off this week, I was able to ask these questions last week. I can tell you that zero teams got that last totally-guessable ‘Sharknado’ question right…

cuban shark tank

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Trivia Host [m] looking for Teams [f/m] to play some Bar Trivia tonight (Adams Morgan)

Hey girl/bro-

I’m hosting Trivia Night at a bar in Adams Morgan tonight and I’m looking for some exuberant people who like to spice things up.

Fitness optional but you must be in to group things.

Huge brains a plus.

And, of course, whoever finishes first gets paid.

All interested parties should come to Ventnor Sports Cafe tonight, August 5, 2014. The fun begins at 8:30 but get there early to make sure you get your favorite positions.

So let’s party tonight.