10 “Shut Down” Bar Trivia Questions

We had a rowdy crowd for Trivia Night at Ventnor Sports Cafe’s yesterday. I’d like to take all the credit, but certain sporting events were the likely cause. The Labatt rep handing out free beer and t-shirts certainly helped too.

Rounds 2 and 4 were dedicated to the lazy clown-babies that shut down the government. I managed to squeeze in one politics question but the rest are pretty pop-culture-driven.

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5 Trivia Questions about Sharks

To pay homage to Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, I put together a few shark-related questions to open up Round 1 of Trivia last night at Ventnor Sports Cafe. Couldn’t make it? Here’s what you missed:

  1. (Animal Kingdom) Derived from the Greek word for “Skull”, a cephalofoil, is said to help which type of shark in prey manipulation, maneuverability and sensory reception?
  2. (DC Trivia) Every year during Shark Week, the Discovery Channel building “dresses up” as a giant shark. Which DC-metro area city in Maryland is home to this giant shark building?
  3. (Name Game) What golfer is nicknamed “The Shark” and even hosts his official website at shark.com
  4. (Movies) What super-villain made a “simple request” for “sharks with frikin’ laser beams attached to their heads”?
  5. (Music) The song “Pool Shark” by this band contains the lyric “One day i’m gonna lose the war” in reference to the lead singer’s battle with heroin addiction (he later died of a heroin overdose).  

BONUS ‘Jaws’ mini-quiz!

  1. Boat actor 1
  2. Boat actor 2
  3. Boat actor 3
  4. Director
  5. Name the town
  6. Name the boat
  7. Name the author (of the book, that the movie was based on)
  8. Jaws was an attraction at this amusement park
  9. (SPOILER ALERT!) How did the shark die?
  10. Was nominated for Best Picture in 1976, lost to what movie?


(Hammerhead Shark)(Silver Spring, MD)(Greg Norman)(Dr. Evil)(Sublime)

Jaws mini-quiz Answers

(Roy Scheider)(Robert Shaw)(Richard Dreyfuss)(Steven Spielberg)(Amity Island)(The Orca)(Peter Benchley)(Universal Studios)(exploding SCUBA tank)(One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)

10 Pop Culture References to Amelia Earhart

Today’s Google Doodle tells us that Amelia Earhart’s zombie corpse turns 115 today.

In 1932, she became the first woman to fly solo over the Atlantic Ocean. Five years later she disappeared over the Pacific, a mystery that has etched itself in popular culture.

So to celebrate the birthday of an inspiration to women around the globe, here’s the best of Amelia Earhart in movies, music, television and books.

The list:

1. The one that started it all: “Amelia Earhart’s Last Flight” was a song by Red River Dave McEnery (“The Yodelling Cowboy”), who first performed it on a live TV broadcast from the 1939 World’s Fair.

2. Singer Joni Mitchell performed her song “Amelia” for her 1980 live album Shadows and Light and included video footage of Earhart.

3. Fans of PBS’s American Experience know that The Price of Courage was the title of the 1993 documentary of Amelia.

Star Trek Voyager episode “The 37s”

4. According to the Star Trek universe, Earhart was abducted by aliens in 1937 and taken to their home planet where she was put into cryo-stasis before being discovered by fellow female aviator, Captain Janeway, and her crew in the year 2374.

5. I Was Amelia Earhart (1996) by Jane Mendelsohn takes the Earhart story and pumps up the love juices.

6. Oscar winner Hilary Swank slipped under my radar back in 2009 and made Amelia. That’s probably because it was the same year the lovely (7) Amy Adams portrayed Earhart in Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian.

You go girls.

8. Pam Munoz Ryan wrote a children’s picture book called Amelia And Eleanor Go For A Ride (1999), where Amelia and, you guessed it, Eleanor Roosevelt ditch a White House dinner to go on a glorious adventure.

9. Someone on Yahoo! Answers thinks his neighbor is Amelia Earhart and she lives in upstate New York next to the Jell-O factory because she knew the guy who owned it.

10. The following exchange happened in the Friends episode “The One with the Lottery”:

Phoebe: You don’t wanna win the lottery?
Ross: (sarcastically) Uh…sure I do, and I also wanna be King of my own country and find out what happened to Amelia Earhart.
Chandler: Still on Amelia Earhart?
Ross: The woman just vanished!

11. And finally, I bet you didn’t know that Amelia’s flight instructor was the original Snookie.

5 Trivia Questions about some other famous Jacksons

Today mark’s the third anniversary of the Michael Jackson’s death. If you remind someone of this, they probably won’t respond with their favorite MJ tune, or their most memorable moment from the King of Pop’s life. No, no. Instead they will most likely tell you where they were and what they were doing when they heard that Michael Jackson had died.This will most likely be a very boring story to the listener. [Hint: it will probably have something to do with the 'Twitter'].

But do you know what’s not boring? Trivia.

The answers are below General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. Also make sure to check out the accompanying “Name That Jackson!” Picture Round.

    1. (Movies) First appearing in Iron Man 2 and again in the 2011 summer blockbuster Captain America, Samuel L. Jackson played the role of what comic book character in the recent Avengers film.
    2. (Television) The opening sketch of Saturday Night Live’s only remote episode took place in Jackson Square in this city on February 20, 1977.
    3. (US History) Confederate general Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson earned his nickname for standing his ground at this Civil War Battle.
    4. (Sports) What former Washington Redskin was quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars in their 1995 inaugural season and was selected to the Pro-Bowl a total of three times with the team.
    5. (Famous Figures) Michael Jackson was the youngest member of the Jackson 5, who was the oldest? a)Jermaine b)Jackie c)Tito d)Marlon


(Nick Fury)(New Orleans)(The First Battle of Bull Run or Battle of Manassas)(Mark Brunell)(Jackie)

Name That Jackson! Picture round answers:

(Paris Jackson)(Jackson Pollack)(Bo Jackson)(Phil Jackson)(Curtis Jackson)(Peter Jackson)(Reggie Jackson)(Jackson Avery)(Percy Jackson)(Action Jackson)

5 Trivia Questions about “Thunder”

When the Stanley Cup finals were going on, and the Devils were one game away from losing it all, I brought you Movie Devils vs. Movie Kings. Now, it’s the Thunder’s turn to stave off elimination in the NBA finals. And so, in true SayKNOWtoTrivia fashion, here are 5 trivia questions about thunder (UPDATE: You can also check out “15 songs to Beat the Heat”). Answers are below Zeus.

  1. (Word Play) What dinosaur takes its name from the Greek for “thunder lizard”?
  2. (Mythology) In Greek mythology, Zeus released these mythological creatures from the dark pit of Tartarus, in order to provide him with his thunderbolts, which he used to defeat the Titans.
  3. (Geography) The city of Thunder Bay, located at the head of Lake Superior, can be found in what Canadian province?
  4. (Movies) What Hollywood couple met on the set of the 1990 film Days of Thunder?
  5. (Literature) Who wrote the science fiction short story A Sound of Thunder, in which a hunter travels back in time to kill a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and is based on the concept that was later termed the “butterfly effect”.


(Brontosaurus)(Cyclops)(Ontario)(Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman)(Ray Bradbury)